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Preventive Technical Inspection (PTI) Service


We carry out several PTI's per annum for all deep and short 

sea shipping lines at our locations throughout Malta.


A pre-trip inspection is carried out before a reefer container will be 

released to the customer of the shipping lines. This inspection 

includes testing for structural damages, cleaning of the reefer box 

and checking the operation of the reefer's machinery.


To define a 'preventive technical inspection' (PTI) of the reefer: 

all technical unit functions and possible visible damage of a 

reefer unit will be checked according to the specifications of the manufacturers and shipping. As soon as a PTI has been carried out and all of the detected damages and/or malfunctions have been taken care of, the reefer unit will be ready to be handling export cargo.


Service Calls 24/7


This service is specifically set up to repair loaded reefer units 

on terminals and on board of the vessel, in the event of failure 

of the reefer machinery. To supply this service we have a team of 

engineers standby 24/7 and 365 days per year in the Maltese Islands. 


The reefer unit will be checked on all functions as described in the 

manufacturers manual. The detected malfunctions will be repaired 

directly so the reefer unit will be in good working condition and 

will keep the cargo on the required temperature.


Off/On Hire Service


When a lease agreement is terminated, the reefer containers 

will be returned to a lease depot to be inspected for damage, 

in according to the inspecting criteria of the lease companies. 

In addition to the inspection, the reefer machinery will be 

subjected to a post-trip inspection (Off-Hire) to assess the 

condition of the refrigeration machinery and wether repairs 

are required.


When a repair estimation has been completed, a damage 

notification will be issued providing an estimate of all items 

that will be allocated to the account of either the shipping line 

or leasing company. Not until a damage notification has been 

approved by both parties, the reefer container will be repaired.


Monitoring Services


During the time a loaded reefer container is at the depot or terminal, the temperature, (de)humidification atmosphere, bulb-mode and ventilation settings of the reefer container will be checked daily. All other functions will also be monitored on functioning correctly, according to the description of the manufacturers manual.



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